GDL Logistics has been successfully servicing the yacht industry. Concentrating on the logistics and supply of components and parts to yacht owners around the world. Additionally, we expanded our business into the transportation of yachts, exotic cars, and nautical accessories such as fine art and furniture.

Our Yacht Logistics Division is operated by our partner, Global Distribution & Logistics; a Miami – Fort Lauderdale based company established in 2005, focused on the service of supply chain solutions for the Aerospace, Nautical, Pharmaceutical & Telecommunication industries.

With Our joint infrastructures and extensive network of offices throughout the Caribbean and Latin America we can offer Our customers the following array of services:

Distribution & Delivery

We can distribute your Marine parts to North America, the Caribbean & Latin America Ferretti dealers.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

We would like to propose our leasing of space at your Lauderdale Marine Center, where we can run our operation inside your premises, allowing us the possibility of learning firsthand, about your immediate logistics needs and, offer you an in-house logistics solution that will expedite the process of exports and import of parts. Additionally, we can offer fulfillment and verification of all orders, providing you the peace of mind, knowing that your customer’s orders will be verified and shipped on time.

Worldwide Transportation Services

As part of our logistics solution, we offer a world-wide, door-to-door service, for your customer’s yacht parts and components including customs clearance at the country of destination; consequently, positively impacting your customer’s satisfaction.

Import, Customs Clearance & Delivery

We can coordinate with your vendors all your regular imports of parts from your factory in Italy, and any other supplier around the world, as well as perform customs clearance and delivery to your shipyard (LMC).

Domestic & International Door-to-Door Transportation of Overhaul Parts

We can collect the damaged parts, engines and/or components for your customers at origin, perform a temporary import into the United States, coordinate with your service team the overhaul process of the parts and, once repaired, we will deliver it back to the vessel.

Critical Time Service for The Caribbean & Latin America

With our specialized team we are equipped to react immediately to urgencies generated by mechanical failures that require an urgent service. If the vessel is in a remote island in the Caribbean, no problem! With our fleet of mid-range cargo aircrafts, we can reach any nearby airport and deliver the part in a promptly matter.

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