Mining Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable logistics company to take care of your mining sector needs?

Our mining experts develop customized supply chains, wherever you are, you can rely on backed and specialized solutions.

Companies in the mining industry face many of the challenges that other industries face about supply chain. Project logistics (from exploration to operations), international transportation, warehouse management and trade compliance demand moving large equipments and supplies to the mining site and shipping cargo to industrial clients.

We Offer

  • Scheduled and reliable delivery of supplies
  • Logistical efficiency and resources optimisation
  • Cost savings across the supply chain
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Charter and part-charter transportation

Analysis and Efficiency

A comprehensive analysis is performed to understand specific requirements and supply needs.

We apply analytical processes and technology in place, to understand your production planning through the cycles of supply chain of on-site operations and materials circuit.

The metrics of this analysis provide us the data to design a solution customized according to your processes and technical conditions. Our goal is operational efficiency.